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876 Designs


We aim to provide our clients with quality designs at an affordable cost.
876 Designs was founded by a young and talented entrepreneur, John Bridge in 2005, and of recent our newest member Christilee Walsh.

We have a great passion for the art of designing, and that is portrayed through the work we do for our clients.

We mainly focuses on web and graphic designing but have recently branched off into different areas such as logo designs, skin (sticker) designs and soon video designing.

Web Design
876 Designs focuses mainly on creating websites that highlights the best components of the company it represents. In order to create such sites, artists at 876 Designs are trained in the following programming languages.
Just to name a few.

Website Design
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Skin (Sticker) Design
Video Design (Coming Soon)

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Kingston, St. Andrew, Jamaica,

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Added 2009/04/23 | Updated 2010/04/12
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