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D'MARIE Cosmetics


Women can NEVER own too much Makeup!!
But sometimes we put on too much. Here at D'MARIE we first educate you on your skin, then the products, answer any questions you have, make certain you are properly matched up with your correct products. Finally teach you how to correctly apply your makeup.

We offer a full line of SkinCare products as well as Cosmetics to suit any skin type.

From lipsticks to eyeshadows we have it all.

Have a particular skin problem that has been bugging you for years? Just call or email us and we will help you correct the problem to beautiful healthy looking skin and fabulously flawless makeup.


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72 HWT RD (same bld as Covenant City Church), Kingston, Jamaica,

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Added 2009/11/26 | Updated 2011/07/18
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