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100% Natural Naturopathic Medicine


At New Horizons we deal with Naturopathic medicine which is preventative and natural so that it does not harm but only heals and balances the body. Try our services and you will leave feeling healthy, well and balanced, We do Natural health consultations,whole body Detoxification & Purification, Natural Weight-loss, Major diseases therapies for Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hydrotherapy, Purifying Ionic foot bath, Ifared Sauna treatments and
Anti-aging therapies, We help resolve issues with infertility, and all womens issues. We are a family practice for old and young run by Dr. Isa A Blacksher a naturopathic practitioner with Training and Certification from Canada and America. If you have any stubborn health problems that you need help with try natural healtcare and get results - fast. Just give us a call for your Appointment. Our offices are located across the street from the beautiful Dr's Cave Beach in Montego Bay come take in the breathtaking view and cool sea breeze.

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Gloucester Ave - Montego Bay Club, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica, west indies

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Added 2010/02/12
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