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Mentoring Services, Psychology, Leadership Training.
Vision a Jamaica with gang leaders who are looking for young hearts and minds to follow them down a dead-end street of drive-by shootings
and drug abuse. Now imagine
YOU as a leader helping to make young Jamaican youths become positive leaders with positive visions, competent abilities and servant-like hearts.

The Coalition in Support of Adolescent Leadership Training (C-SALT) Mentoring Services was developed by the Family Counseling Centre of Jamaica (FCCJ), St. Ann as an outreach ministry in 2002.

Our goal is to develop boys and their mentors into moral
leaders via the school system. Imagine a democratic Jamaican society of moral leaders living and teaching by example, redefining
Jamaican masculinity, and stymieing the rampant crime and violence throughout the
island. This is C-SALTís
ultimate goal.

The programme is functional in several high schools across the island. Dr. Sidney
McGill, D.Min, PhD(can.) who is a Christian marriage & family therapist, writer, conference speaker and radio talk show host is the executive director of FCCJ and president of C-SALT.

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6 Windsor Road, St. Ann's Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica,

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