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Manchester High School


Secondary School in Mandeville, Jamaica
During the 1800's when education for slaves and other poor members of the Jamaican population became a subject of interest, various sums of money were placed in a trust for establishment of schools.
Prior to this time, the ground floor of the Mandeville Courthouse was being used as a school and a Mr. B. Jackson was made Headmaster of this institution.
Two Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty-Four Pounds was allocated to the parish of Vere which included parts of Manchester. In 1855, funds from the Vere Trust (as it was known) were made available for the establishment of a school and in 1886, the school was opened at the premises owned by Mr. R.E Rebhan. The premises , now occupied by the bus park in front of the Parish Church were acquired, and a school building was erected in 1861 which housed students at both the primary and secondary levels. Here the Manchester School was conducted for 92 years.
The primary school was relocated, however, to Race Course Road and was named Mandeville All Age School. The boys and girls at the secondary level were housed in separate buildings and were each managed by a headmaster/headmistress.
The boys were located at what is now the Mandeville Bus Park and the girls at the back of where the Mandeville Market now stands. When space was made available in 1921, both schools were amalgamated.
The property on which the school is now situated was acquired from the Anglican Church by Mr. Sleggs and the Board of Trustees under the chairmanship of Mrs. D.V Godfrey J.P, having recognized the urgent need for a new school building . The nucleus of what is now Manchester High School was built by the form of building contractors, Messrs Marley and Plant and was opened formally by the then Governor of Jamaica, Sir Hugh Foot, on the 24th of September 1953.
The school's population has grown from forty (40) students in 1923 to approximately one thousand seven hundred and fifty (1750) in 2005. The motto adopted by Mr. Sleggs, soon after establishment of this new building , is 'Sic Luceat Lux', the Latin for 'Let your light so shine.' ( Matt. 5:16)

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Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica,

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