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Babybop Kids Store


Babybop Kids Store- " We stock everything but the baby"
The concept for Babybop Kids was conceived in 2007 when I became pregnant with my son. I was overwhelmed by all the items that I would need to purchase and the number of baby brands that existed. How would I ensure that I got the best ones at the best price especially in Jamaica?

I was a first time Mom, intimidated by the responsibility that came with Motherhood and the fear of not doing everything “just right”. As an overprotective Mom-to-be I spent hours on the internet searching through every type of baby product and the associated customer reviews- I researched every thing from diapers to cribs.

Even though he is older now I find that I still spend hours researching all that is available for him. Many Jamaican Moms’ don’t have the resources that I had nor the time to do the kinds of analysis that I did; so I wanted to develop a store that could help all new mothers in the way that I had needed. All our products have been reviewed by mothers like you and have been tried and proven.

As such it is my pleasure to provide all Jamaican Mothers with a store that not only gives you exactly what you are looking for but has tested and proven them to ensure that you receive the best quality.

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Shop #9, 11 South Avenue , Kingston 10, Kingston, Jamaica,

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Added 2011/06/07 | Updated 2011/06/08
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