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Kings Gate Prep School


Kings Gate Prep School
. We are a humble establishment that prides itself in providing personalised care and attention for all our students.

We cater to:
> Primary Level Students (ages 7 - 12)
> Kindergarten Students (ages 3 - 6)
> Pre-Schoolers (age 2)

For the past 13 years, our GSAT placement has been between 95 - 100% for traditional high schools. The school is not affiliated with any specific religion or demonination, we are however founded on strong Christian beliefs and principles. Some of our extracurricular activities include: Spanish Club, Dance Club, Music Club, Sign Language Club, Karate, Swimming, Netball and so much more.

King's Gate Prep is centrally located at 16 Hillcrest Avenue (Near the Bob Marley Museum) in Kingston, Jamaica W.I. and is registered with the Ministry of Education. We are also a member of the Jamaica Independent Schools' Association (JISA).

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16 Hillcrest Avenue, Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica,

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