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IslandDealsOnline Jamaica


Every morning you'll receive one amazing deal that saves you 50 Ė 90% off the cool things to do in Jamaica
About Us

IslandDealsOnline ("IslandDeals", "us" or "we") is a group buying website, which delivers a hot deal everyday on the best products and services available in the Caribbean Islands - whether itís eating out, shopping or just enjoying recreational activities. Being able to buy products/services from various islands in this type of market will allow you to save time and money. We have a dedicated team working in our main hub located in Jamaica W.I., and currently are in the process of expanding in other islands.
Our main objectives separate us from many businesses today. We strive on delivering the best customer service with impeccable affordable deals to fit our consumers taste. With this goal we can offer customer satisfaction that will result in many referrals from memberís family and friends. Our intent is to offer you great deals that are hard to refuse, great pricing and immaculate products and services. We strongly believe in our product and services so our customers can have peace of mind when selecting the deal that is right for them. We want IslandDealsOnline to be as important to your life as your calendar is to planning that perfect vacation.
Our customers love for Island Deals online can only come from the respect that is given from us to make sure that they are priority. Our customers are our most valuable asset. With each product and service that is chosen, availability to solve any issues are handled by us in a timely manner. One mistake our competitors make are hours of long delays in the customer service departments, or waiting days for an email reply to a simple question. When you contact us during normal business hours you may choose to speak to a live team member or have the option of sending an email. Whatever your preference, we will do our best to resolve any issue.
Thank you,
Team Island Deals Online

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Trelawny, Jamaica, Na

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Added 2011/09/29 | Updated 2011/10/05
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