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Interak eOffice Solutions


Setup your Virtual Office in Jamaica for as low as J$6,500 or equivalent US$76.00 per month.


Kingston Business Address - A professional business image is very important. You may use our address for or during business registration, drop office and distribution location.

Sales Rep./ Receptionist and Secretarial Services - Support staff is dedicated to serving you between 8am- 4:30pm (Mon - Sat). Cash collected for sales of your products and/or services is deposited to your account on a weekly/ monthly basis. All calls are answered in your business name 24hrs/day.

Dedicated Virtual Landline and PBX - Your landline includes an automated attendant, IVR, voicemail to email, fax to email and virtual office extensions. Landline is available for 36 countries. These services ensure that your calls are also managed after business hours. Virtual office extensions keep you connected with your support staff and team members located anywhere in the world. Extensions may be installed on your laptop or mobile phone.

Business Webpage - Your dream website is designed and managed by your professional web development team. Special applications such as online stores or chat attract an additional cost.

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8 Lady Musgrave Rd, Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica,

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Added 2012/01/13 | Updated 2012/01/16
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