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Technisure Solutions


Your Source for Professional IT Services

At Technisure Solutions, we are here to offer the most professional services that can be provided to you the customer, to enhance your business or improve your computing experience at home.

Services Provided:

- Computer Diagnostics & Servicing.
- Data Backup and Recovery
- Computer Sales (Built to YOUR specification)
- Network Infrastructure Design
- Structured Cabling.
- Installation, Configuration and maintenance of wired and wireless networks.
- Domain Installation and configuration (Windows and Linux solutions)
- Internet Cafe setup and installation.

Service offered but not confined to May Pen, Old Harbour, Spanish Town, Portmore and Kingston areas.

Contact: Dwayne Smith or Rajiv Atkinson

Email correspondence should have "ListJa Ad" as the Subject.

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Old Harbour, St. Catherine, Jamaica,

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Added 2008/10/20 | Updated 2011/02/16
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