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DAWGEN Chartered Accountants


Member Firm of Jeffreys Henry International
Dawgen Chartered Accountants is a professional service firm offering a full range of Audits, Accounting and Taxation Services. Our goal is to support you with knowledge in ways that make your decision easier. Our task is to monitor your figures and keep you updated on all the latest accounting and tax rules and changes.

Services include...
Audit and Assurance Services
Business Valuation
Preparation of Financial Statements
Preparation of Business Plans
Cash Flow Projections
General Consumption Tax (GCT) returns and disputes
Company Formation and Secretarial Supports
Preparation and filing of Income Tax returns
Negotiation with Suppliers and Financial Institutions
Cost Reduction Strategies
Payroll outsourcing
Accounting Software Training
IFRS Consulting

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5 Melmac Avenue, Kingston, Jamaica,

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Added 2008/12/06 | Updated 2010/01/03
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