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New Generation 'Green' Building Materials, Manufacturers of Magnesium Oxide Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), Leaders in Passive House Energy Efficient Buildings.
MoonrakerSIPS is a manufacturer of structural insulated panels (SIPS).

SIPS have many applications in the construction industry. They can be used in the construction of high quality affordable energy efficient, environmentally and socially responsible housing, schools, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, factories, fences, walls, retaining walls, docks and garden sheds.

Moonraker SIPS are resistant to bugs and insects, especially termites.
Moonraker SIPS are resistant to mould, they do not rot and they do not feed mildew.
Moonraker SIPS structures are hurricane resistant – Our “off the shelf” range of homes have been designed, engineered and tested to withstand wind speeds of 170 mph (274 kmh).
Moonraker SIPS buildings fare extremely well in earthquakes. SIP buildings do not collapse or crack like traditional concrete structures but flex in a similar manner to timber homes in a seismic event.
Moonraker SIPS are hugely energy efficient due to their high-tech panel construction and the use of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) – Our panels have an “R Value” of 27-50 (thickness of wall dependent), which reduces heating/cooling energy costs by as much as 80%.
Moonraker SIPS require zero maintenance - no annual painting, re rendering etc.
Moonraker SIPS are water resistant - even before they are finished.
Moonraker SIPS are hypoallergenic. No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process at all (no VOC's, solvents or formaldehyde).
Moonraker SIPS homes and buildings can be extended vertically or laterally very easily.
Moonraker SIPS possess good sound insulation
The MoonrakerSIPS Building System enables homes to be built by our certified installers in 50%-70% less time than traditional concrete or block and steel buildings.
Moonraker SIPS can be utilised in buildings as high as 3 storeys with no additional structural support.
Moonraker SIPS can be integrated into traditional concrete frame and steel portal frame buildings. Our panels simply attach to concrete or steel columns or beams.
MoonrakerSIPS is able to deliver larger houses built to a higher specification at a significantly lower price than its competitors using conventional construction techniques.

Houses can be delivered in a greatly reduced time. This eliminates much of the waiting for the purchaser and it also obviates the need for the now ‘standard’ escalation clauses written into most sales contracts by local developers. This fast delivery time reduces interest costs and assists us in keeping the price as low as possible.

Manufacturing and fabricating the majority of your home in our factory eliminates most of the wet trades on site. The construction exercise is closer to an assembly exercise and enables us to use less specialist labour and for less time. Our aim is to minimise wherever possible everything but building erection on site, thus mitigating any possibility for costly mistakes and time delays.

Overseeing of the site during the construction period is facilitated by the relatively small number of materials on site, thus enabling theft to be kept to an absolute minimum. When a house is shipped to a customer, the kit leaves our factory with the precise parts, tools and equipment for the house to be built.


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42-43 Caracas Avenue, Kingston Free Zone, Kingston 15, Kingston, St. Andrew, Jamaica, 15

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